First Impression: Ole Henriksen, Ole La La (Look at Her Glow Set)

I recently purchased the Ole Henriksen Ole La La, Look at Her Glow travel set. This set includes truth serum collagen booster, pure truth youth activating oil, truth to go wipes, & African red tea foaming cleanser.


Having recently turned 28, I am now more concerned with preventative skincare than ever. I selected this set because it had good reviews, it was reasonably priced, & it offered a handful of products to try. I received the set  yesterday & here is what I thought upon first use of the products:

Truth To Go Wipes:


First of all, I didn’t use the foaming cleanser yesterday. I worked out really hard two days in a row & by the end of the day I was feeling tired, sore, & frankly, LAZY. So instead, I used one of the Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes before bed. The package says “Gently cleanse and remove even the most stubborn eye makeup with these luxurious cleansing wipes.” I have to say, upon first impression… this is not true. The wipes did a poor job of removing makeup. I wouldn’t purchase these wipes on their own; they didn’t get all the makeup off & had an odd texture that felt like it dragged against my skin in a weird way. I think the wipes could have been a little more moist to work better. The smell is pretty strong, & I think some people might not like it. The scent is very citrusy & natural, but also with a strange chemical undertone.

Truth Serum Collagen Booster & Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil


After wiping my face clean, I applied the pure truth youth activating oil followed by the truth serum collagen booster. I liked these immediately because they are oil based & that is my personal preference for moisturizers. They feel great going on the skin & I only needed to use one pump of each to cover my entire face & neck. My criticism though is that it isn’t really clear how they’re meant to be used. I wasn’t sure if one was intended for morning & the other for nighttime or if they were meant to be layered, or mixed? The instructions on each bottle simply say “Apply evenly to face and neck daily”.  So I just layered mine & it seemed to work just fine.

These seemed to work well & if I were to repurchase any of these items, it would definitely be either of these products. My skin felt very soft right after application. The oil penetrated my skin quickly & didn’t leave an greasy look or feeling. Just like the wipes, these oils smell pretty strongly, but because it mostly smells like orange peels, it was tolerable.

The following morning my skin felt normal, but had a little bit of a dewy look. The packaging claims that the Collagen Booster is clinically proven to instantly brighten and significantly improve skin’s radiance in just 7 days. So far, so good.

My overall impression is that the wipes are a bit of a throw away, but the oils are great if you can tolerate the strong scent.