Quick & Easy Tips: Preparing for Your Bridal Makeup & Hair Appointment

Good afternoon lovelies!

As a makeup artist, I almost always see the inner list-maker come out in my clients when they have a major event in the future (say… an upcoming wedding?). For this reason, I supply all of my bridal clients with a simple list of guidelines & suggestions for preparing to have their hair & makeup done on what I like to call, “their loveliest day”.

There are some very simple things that a client can do to help make sure that their bridal makeup & hair are absolutely spectacular. These guidelines help us do our jobs the best way we possibly can to ensure that our clients get the most relaxing, seamless, & most convenient hair & makeup application possible. We can do a lot with hair styling & makeup, but the final results will be oh so much better if our canvas is well prepared. *On a side note: These guidelines take very little time & are really wonderful habits to get in to regularly anyway.

Drum roll please! Here are the tips for anyone preparing for their wedding:

1. Drink Plenty of Water: We live in the desert for goodness sakes! Dehydration is killer for our skin; it makes us look dull, tired, & older than we actually are. Well hydrated skin is elastic, luminous, & supple. Elastic, luminous, supple skin is the ideal (I mean PERFECT) canvas for a great makeup application.


2. Exfoliate: Even when we’re properly hydrating our skin, over time dead cells can layer up causing our skin to become dull. Exfoliating is our best & quickest tool for that luminous glow I mentioned earlier (particularly if we haven’t been staying hydrated like we should). Please use gentle products that you’re familiar with & treat your skin kindly (don’t scrub too hard!).

3. Don’t Forget Your Lips: You can exfoliate them too! Follow up with a moisturizing lip balm. Lipstick goes on some much more beautifully when the lips underneath are smooth, & free of dry skin.

4. Take it Easy: Avoid unnecessary beauty treatments too close to your wedding day. Here’s what I mean: If you’ve never had a fake tan, don’t get one the day before your wedding. Don’t get a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or get waxed too close to your wedding day. Don’t start using new products, no matter how great the reviews, too close to your wedding day. Don’t cut or dye your hair within the week of your wedding (especially somewhere new!). I’ve heard (& seen) way too many horror stories of allergic reactions, bad hair cuts, breakouts, & overly stressed skin. Just please, please be gentle with your skin. You’re beautiful & you will be gorgeous on your wedding day without handfuls of expensive & harsh beauty procedures.


5. Get Comfy: It’s your wedding day so make yourself comfortable while you’re getting ready. Strap marks & indentations (from bra straps, usually) cannot be covered with makeup & will show up in photos & in person. Go for it & wear whatever you want. We don’t mind!

6. Get Your Rest: This one can be tough when you’re getting ready for your wedding. Really, really tough… I know. But seriously, do your best. Rested skin, is happy skin & dark circles mean more makeup. Plus, if you get plenty of sleep in the nights preceding your wedding you’ll reduce your chances of feeling anxious & irritable.

7.¬† Take a Break: The less you do, the more we can do for you. Don’t worry about styling your hair or starting your makeup. Your natural hair texture is the best place for us to start when styling your hair, so wash it the night before (preferably) or that morning & come to us with dry or damp hair. We’ll take care of the rest. If you need sunblock, let us know, we’ll apply one that we know works very well in photos & looks good under makeup. Arrive with clean, freshly moisturized skin & let us take it from there.

8. Be Honest: We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your hair & makeup on your wedding day. You will not hurt our feelings (trust me), if you tell us that you want a brighter shade of pink or more mascara. Make sure you’re very clear when telling us about the makeup & hair you’re envisioning (pictures please!).


9. Enjoy Yourself: The best (ABSOLUTE best) thing you can do for your makeup artist & hairstylist is to relax & let us pamper you. Enjoy yourself, & have a good time on your wedding day. Find a helper to field your phone calls, questions, & any possible wedding day emergencies (at least for the time you’re getting your hair & makeup done). I promise, this will allow you to have a better experience & will help us get your hair & makeup done more quickly.

& there we have it! I promise, these simple tips will help make sure you have a wonderful experience next time you get your hair & makeup done professionally.



Bridal Makeup: Moroccan-Themed Wedding.

Bridal Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup. Gown by Bridal Elegance by Darlene. Flowers by Flowers and More. Styling by Sealed with a Kiss, LLC. Photography by K. Mari Photography

 Photography by K. Mari Photography

Bridal Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup.

Bridal Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup.

Place Cards, Menus, Table Numbers, Invitations, Etc... by Funky Olive Design Co.

Located at Hotel Andaluz in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bridal Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bridal Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Styled by Sealed with a Kiss, LLC.

Styled by Sealed with a Kiss, LLC.


Gown by Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Gown by Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Flowers by Flowers and More
Venue: Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jewelry from Chloe and Isabel/ Representative Heather Garrison
Models: Heather & Eric Garrison
Stationary, Menus, Invitations, Etc…: Funky Olive Design
Vintage/Moroccan Props: The Antique Co-Op