Cute & Thrifty Makeup Storage

I love saving money however I can because that means I can splurge on the really important things (like high-quality makeup!). One area where I often save is in makeup storage & display. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers & makeup artists feature storage ideas like office storage or Ikea products which are both nice & work well, but they can REALLY get pricey fast. Instead, I like to use vintage tea-sets or dishes from the thrift store. Here’s what I found, & I got everything for under TEN DOLLARS!

Ceramic Finger Bowl $.99

I use this small finger bowl for MANY things in my makeup routine. It is the ideal size for cleaning makeup brushes. The small size helps prevent too much cleaning product from being used &/or washed down the drain. It is also important not to wet the handle when washing makeup brushes (it loosens the glue & causes the bristles to fall out) so this little bowl is great because it’s not too deep.

I also use this bowl to hold mineral makeup or loose pigments. I never use any kind of powder makeup directly from the container in order to prevent cross-contamination (getting bacteria in your product container). I always dump a little bit of the powder out & dip my brush into the powder, not the container. Dumping the powder into the little bowl is also great for avoiding wasting the mineral products; just cover any excess in the bowl after your done & it’s fine to use the following day. No more wasted product & no powdery mess in your makeup bag, on your counters, or anywhere else!

The final thing I love this little bowl for is mixing makeup. Sometimes I need to darken or lighten my foundation & this little bowl is easy to clean & the perfect size to custom-mix a day’s worth of foundation. The ceramic is the ideal surface to clean because it doesn’t stain or absorb any of the makeup or pigment. It is very easy to wipe out & sanitize.

I have also seen small containers like this at Target recently too, however the ones I saw were plastic.

Rose Ceramic Creamer Container $1.99

This little rose-covered ceramic creamer container is so adorable & the perfect height for standing up makeup brushes on my bathroom counter. I think it might just be the cutest container I own. I occasionally use it to hold other small items (lip-gloss, chap stick,  mascara) that I use daily.

Rose Pie Pan $3.00

I use this larger dish to set all of my other containers on & to keep everything in one place & tidy. I always have one or two of my current favorite perfumes sitting out on it for easy access. When I wash my face & need to remove my rings or earrings this is where they temporarily go. This makes a great ‘catch-all’, without looking crowded or boring.

Ceramic Flower Cup $.99

I use this in a similar way to the ceramic creamer container. I put things in it that I use often & that fit easily. Right now I have hand cream & a nail file in it but it sometimes holds mascara tubes, lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss, eyeliners etc… I also have a matching one that I keep in my medicine cabinet for toothbrushes/toothpaste.

Small Rose Bowl $.99

I currently have a handful of mini perfumes in this little bowl, but I have also used it for my contacts cases, chap sticks, eye shadows & various other small items in the past. It sits perfectly with the rest of the ceramic items & can hold larger items that wont stand up in a cup well. It also makes a great spot for miscellaneous jewelry, loose buttons, or nail polish. The possibilities are pretty much endless for these little dishes.

Opaque/Shell Candle Holder $3.99

I added this container to the collection recently & use it to hold all the taller things I can’t put in the cups or other shorter containers. Right now it holds a couple combs, hair trimming scissors, hair clips, & a full-size hairbrush. I like that this container is tall enough that I don’t have to see all the items inside but can reach them easily when I need them. (The items in this container actually sit a little lower & aren’t visible unless I’m standing right over it, but I pulled them up a bit so they’d be visible for these photos).

None of these items were part of a set, but they all coordinate well. The great thing about finding a variety of cute dishes at the thrift store is that you can look for any item that ‘speaks to you’. The items you choose can be as unique as you are. You can look for sets that match perfectly or do what I did & look for items that coordinate, but don’t match.